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Hygiene measures



Keine Zugangsbeschränkungen

Seit Samstag den 02.04.2022 wurden die Coronabestimmungen durch die hessische Landesregierung aufgehoben. Das heißt es gelten keine Zugangsbeschränkungen oder Kontrollen mehr.


Sie können unsere Wellnessanlage OHNE TERMIN und OHNE 3G NACHWEIS ganz bequem nutzen.

Wie sieht es mit der Maskenpflicht aus?

Die Maskenpflicht entfällt auch bei uns.

Wir empfehlen Ihnen jedoch weiterhin die Maske im Innenbereich zu tragen.

Muss ich einen Termin buchen?

Nein. Bei uns ist keine Terminbuchung notwendig. Sie können innerhalb unserer Öffnungszeiten so lange bleiben, wie Sie möchten.

Komme ich noch in die Anlage?

Unsere Belegungsampel zeigt die tatsächliche Belegung der Anlage an. Zeigt die Ampel gelb an, kann es sein, dass Sie nicht direkt einen Liegeplatz erhalten. Zeigt die Ampel rot an, sind unsere Kapazitäten erschöpft.


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Do i have to wear a mask?

Due to the current hygiene and distance regulations, an OP / FFP2 mask must be worn on all indoor walkways. On our loungers, when showering, in the saunas, in the seating areas of the restaurant and in the pools, you can put them down due to our hygiene measures. If you don't have a mask with you, you can purchase a mask from us (€ 2.00).

Are all areas usable?

All wellness areas of our facility, with the exception of the steam bath, may be used subject to the individual instructions and current hygiene / protection requirements.


Protection walls with order function

In order to guarantee you the highest possible level of safety, all of our deckchairs are separated by massive partition walls.

There you also have the opportunity to order your drink directly on the deck chair. For maximum safety and comfort.    

Fresh air supply ventilation systems

In the plant, the  Changing rooms and our indoor restaurant have a constant supply of fresh air through our ventilation systems  instead of.  Our ventilation system is designed for an extremely high exchange of air, so that fresh air is always pressed into the system.


What do I have to consider when swimming?

There are signs on each pool with the maximum number of people per pool. We ask you to be responsible for yourself before entering the pool  make sure that  access is still possible. According to scientific knowledge, the virus is not transmitted via water. In addition, all  our pools  chlorinated  what viruses  and kills bacteria. The water quality of the pool is determined in cooperation with the Fresenius Institute and the  competent  Health department closely monitored.

What do I have to watch out for in the changing room?

Our changing room lights enable our receptionists to assign you a free locker corridor. Thus become  the minimum clearances in the changing rooms are observed.



There are disinfection stations at every transition to another room. We ask you to use them on your own responsibility. In addition, disinfection measures are carried out both by our hygiene officers during operation and by our cleaning staff on a daily basis.


Our cleaning team is on duty every day to offer you, our guests, maximum hygiene and cleanliness. And this even before the Covid-19 pandemic.


Who can I contact with questions during my visit? 

Our hygiene officers will be happy to advise and assist you throughout your visit.


Please keep at least 1.5m in the entire facility whenever possible.

Please wear your face mask. (Only on walkways)

Please wash your hands regularly for at least 30 seconds & disinfect your hands at our disinfection stations.


If possible, please use EC card payment

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