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A place. Many possibilities. With our holistic wellness concept, you will find everything you need for a successful wellness day with us. Whether health regeneration in our wellness facility, physical well-being in our a la carte restaurant or relaxing massage or cosmetic treatments.

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Switch off

Break from everyday life.

Located directly on the forest, the sauna Erzhausen offers perfect conditions for wellness in the Rhine-Main area. Enjoy a place of relaxation where you can find peace and really enjoy wellness. Far away from the fun pool and mass processing.



"True innovation always comes from a defect" - Unknown

The team at Sauna Erzhausen has been thinking and living WELLNESS since 1982. At the beginning of the 80s there was hardly any thought about wellness or SPA in Germany. Wellness in Frankfurt or wellness in Darmstadt was still out of the question. Out of this lack the idea arose to create a place where there are all possibilities to really relax. A place where body, mind and soul have the chance to regenerate.

One sauna quickly became two, two three, one swimming pool two then three, 1 masseur and a beautician became more and more. Our guests also got involved. With more and more new ideas you enriched this wellness facility until finally the sauna Erzhausen was created.

Today our wellness resort, located between Frankfurt and Darmstadt, offers a total of 3 swimming pools, 5 saunas, 2 à la carte restaurants, 1 steam bath, 6 infrared cabins, 6 masseurs and 2 beauticians.

We have always remained true to our philosophy. Our visitors are not just key numbers, but really guests. Regardless of whether it is about our à la carte restaurants with service and fresh cuisine, our trained masseurs * and beauticians * or our infusion team, they all have one thing in common: the idea of making your wellness day as pleasant as possible for our guests and meeting your needs literally read from the lips.

Convince yourself of our 40 years of expertise and see what it means when philosophy and innovation go hand in hand and create a place where you can really experience wellness.

Wellness in the Rhine-Main area has a name. The Erzhausen sauna.

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Enjoy warmth

Our total of 5 saunas offer the perfect conditions for your health regeneration with temperatures of 60 degrees for sauna beginners up to 100 degrees for sauna professionals.



No matter whether cooling refreshment or soothing warmth. Everyone feels comfortable in at least one of our 3 swimming pools. Especially in summer, the outdoor pool in the wellness garden invites you to cool off.

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Relaxed internally and externally.

A healthy and radiant exterior starts with the time and care you invest in it. True to this philosophy, our trained beauticians take care of you and your individual needs and accompany you in pleasant treatments on your way to physical and spiritual well-being.

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Aromatic oil

The aroma oil massage is an art that arises from the empathy and attunement of the masseur, the person being massaged and the scent of the oils. The massage opens the body to the effects of the essential oils and the essences help you to fully surrender to the massage. Soft relaxation music, beautiful fragrances and warm oil let you forget the stress of everyday life during the gentle massage. Choose your own essential oil from rose, lavender, sandalwood, lemon, orange, lemongrass, vanilla etc.


Classic massage

The classic massage is used for disorders of the musculoskeletal system (skin, muscles, tendons, bones, joints). The skin, connective and fatty tissue as well as the muscles are massaged. The blood circulation and the metabolism are promoted. A massage is a stimulus therapy that affects the entire organism through the skin, subcutaneous tissue and muscles.  Massages are useful for rheumatic complaints, back and joint pain, muscle tension, headaches and for prevention and relaxation. Our trained masseurs are very experienced and quickly recognize the problem areas in the event of complaints.



Release tension.

Sensitivity for body, mind and soul. With our experienced and very well trained masseuses, your wellbeing is literally in good hands. The harmonious interplay of pressure and stroking releases tension and the head becomes free.


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